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The World Five Jewelry Country Introduction

In jewelry world, although it is writes an essay with the precious metal and the gem, various countries actually have the different dream - different country have the varying humanities characteristic, from this point,there is also had the different jewelry design idea, some styles make widely known, in some appearances collects. But because of these differences, lets jewelry's world be more colourful. Have a look at the following five big national product of jewelry, who will win the jewelry luxurious war actually?

French jewelry "solar king" classical luxurious

Key words: Palace luxurious, classical element

Design feature: France has glorious history culture to accumulate, “solar king” the magnificent time as well as “Mary Queen” regarding the fashion esteem, which is deeply affecting nowadays's jewelry design. It is full with palace feeling, luxurious, the elegant design receives the favor, moreover the big pellet's diamond and the gem are popular in France. These classical and fills the literary atmosphere's jewelry also have manifest classicism romantic mood in the French bone.

Mellerio Jewellery platinum gold necklace/beset with one pearl shape emeralds that weight 29.0 carats, the necklaces is manifest the French fully regarding the palace luxurious design esteem, the utilization of big pellet gem and the big carat diamond has been the domain mainstream in French high-quality jewelry design.

Van Cleef & Arpels necklace/the inspiration of this model is from the Paris Opera House gorgeous red stage curtain. In the Paris Opera House may track down Baroque and the new renaissance trace, but this kind of French art's essence also again unfolds the grace and talent in this model of necklace.

Van Cleef & Arpels necklace/three row of parallel diamond bands have unify with the yellow color diamond band, and five diamond have embellishment in the stamen and pistil of flower, causes it to be obviously elegant and magnificent. The yellow golden color vine cane pattern that symbolizes the Paris Opera House arched entrance have curving nearby half neck, and in one side pate by white gold beset with diamond have calmly to hang in the feminine front as decorating. This model is symbolizes the perfect set in the Paris Opera House art, luxurious and happy.

Dior necklace/ orchid has held the important status in the Dior design, because this is one kind of flowers which Mr. Diao cherishes. Fills the fresh impression take the lily-of-the-valley as the design subject's necklace, simultaneously they are the nature romantic of French.

American jewelry Abstract vanguard's multi-dimensional expression

Key words: Neutrality, design subject multi-dimensional, abstract feeling

Design feature: The US is a multicultural fusion country, the fusion of different race and the culture cause her jewelry design in US to present the tendency which the design subject multi-dimensional, swallows anything and everything uncritically. In addition, the economical lead status also lets the American is esteem the direct, simple, but many interest life logic, therefore, in the jewelry design, these rich creativities, cutting edge, brief, the neutral design is warmly welcomed.

Tiffany bangle/line and the circular are anomalous, but this kind of anomalous actually have achievement American jewelry's uninhibited individuality.

Tiffany bangle/the shape of precious metal bangle is like watch band, which is actually not makes together for the achievement of one wrist watch, It is the platinum gold jewelry bangle, brief, and unique design of subject is thoroughly American humorous.

Tiffany ring/the most unique place of this ring is abstains the circle trace, the sense of reality and the unique design of surface, which is the unusual neutral design, it has manifested American's brief, capable, the neutral esthetic trend.

Italian jewelry

Key words: Manual feeling, geometry construction

Design feature: it is without doubt regarding Italy impetus the European culture and the fashion. Since the Renaissance, Italy has esteemed one kind of beauty to unite the natural esthetic sense, therefore, fills the manual feeling, the clear jewelry work can bring one kind to the human plainly, the stocky impression to receive Italian's welcome. At the same time, Italy also stressed that jewelry's geometry feeling, shapes and so on, circle, column have manifested the connection with ancient constructs in Italy.

Bvlgari jewelry bangle watch/this model have rich ancient Rome construction's stereoscopic and hardware's impression, which is luxurious, the atmosphere sense of reality of Italy designs.

Bvlgari necklace

Japanese jewelry Exquisite soft affective tone

Key words: Slender, the stack-up complicated, “the multi-details” unfold

Design feature: The island country natural quality,which has decided the Japanese prefer natural, therefore, Japan's jewelry design has many colored grass,carp, and insect's subject. Moreover, the Japanese females esteem the pleasantly warm and close jewelry, likes cute modelling, so the Japan's high-quality jewelry also frequently presents young girls' butterfly knot design. The complicated jewelry also esteems for Japan.

Alpha platinum gold ring/if you have see such design, you are gasping and admiration Japanese regarding complicated detail cherishing. Moreover the men ring has also become so slender, exquisite!

Mikimoto ring

Mikimoto Black Pearl Earring

Chinese jewelry Historical inheritance esthetic sense

Key words: Auspicious omen, naturalism

Design feature: The Chinese has had the advocation for auspicious omen tradition, therefore, the jewelry design has the favorable impression regarding traditional dragon, phoenix, butterfly, swallow, brocade carp propitious biology or “8”, “6”, “9” and so on propitious digit. Moreover, because the people think the fine, wonderful workmanship jewelry more is precious since old times more, China's jewelry design also favors the more complex style.

Antonio Facchinelli platinum gold marriage couple rings/the people have liked “forever”, “eternal” the concept, also advocates“8” the implication, this section of platinum couple ring have both represents infinite “∞” the mark, represents “loves inexhaustible”, and also it is likely many “8” connects together.

Chowtaifook Bracelet/from the whole world, China is most country that favors the 24K pure gold jewelry, Every year the 24K pure gold jewelry has occupied the sales in China ranked first in the world. The Chinese likes the pure gold, more pleasing like this model bangle such has the exquisite decorative carving design.

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