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Lady Dior Light Bag Sparkle in Shanghai

Guidance: In order to celebrate the DIOR Flagship Store in Shanghai Henglong Square grand beginning on May, Dior is creativity lightens Shanghai that has been known as “the Eastern Paris” by the artistic miraculous glow -- on April 25,it has display the Chinese artist Li Songsong giant installment work outside the Henglong square main entrance “Lady Dior Light Bag”, its sparkle's ray and the imposing modelling,which is let the human extremely praise for this project.

“Lady Dior Light Bag” has unfolded French and Chinese, between the contemporary art and the fashion dialog. Li Songsong has annotated Lady Dior through methods and so on structure, line and cutting. He was divides the classical Cannage on the handbag into three floor, which is forms the giant installment of skeleton, above installs the neon light, let it exceptionally to glisten, and becomes the focal point which the people focus on.

On May 14, Dior has held the grand cocktail party of flagship store, and promotes take “the blue color” as the theme Shanghai limited collection series. Dior also has set up the brand demonstration hall in the Henglong square at the same day, demonstrated that specially 11 beautiful logical sequence that fresh high-level ordering formal clothes which comes from the French aerial transport, and Zhang Huan, Zhang Dali, Liu Jianhua and so on well-known Chinese artists take Dior as the inspiration creates artwares. The display has continued for two weeks, lets the Chinese guest feeling the brand reservation's culture and the tradition.

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