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MIKIMOTO necklace:Pearl's Beautiful Charm

MIKIMOTO Special Presentation pearl necklaces series, each necklace have a grid style. Bright, attractive, simple design, the bright shine of pearl was interpretation most vividly, one piece of MIKIMOTO pearl necklace is the perfect accessory to accompany your life exudes happy light.

Delicated and little piece Graduation pearl necklace

Delicate and little piece Graduation pearl necklace represents a pure heart, add the charm of your neck. Attached to a pair of rounded shiny pearl earrings,which is the best gift that commemorate the important moment of life. Send it to your best friends and family, it was no doubt as treasure, never forget.

Fashion butterfly knot, mounted pink precious stones, diamonds, there is noble pleasant feeling. Ribbon can be used for pendants worn,and also could be leading actor as accompanied by the classic pearl necklace, it was filling women's feminine beauty.

One piece of noble and slender pearl necklace was added more beautiful for different fashion modeling repeatedly, so that the wearer becomes the focus of audience's attention. It is need to simply put butterfly knot removal, which instantly became one piece of traditional and elegant pearl necklace,it is suitable for different occasions to wear. The butterfly knot can be used for pendant to wear, it is surprise.

This necklace is full of modern consciousness with a uniquely designed infinity cufflinks, flexible combination to meet the requirements of multiple roles. Such as the cufflinks was placed in position of collars, it is simple elegant feeling; the traditional cufflinks position is placed on neck back.

Pearls are arranged from small to large incremental line, spacious short necklace is more than 40 cm, with a simple 18K white gold buckle as decoration. This beautiful and generous pearl necklace always exudes the charm of elegant and fashion.

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