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PIAGET Ferris wheel Necklace, Beautiful of Paris

Paris is the favorite city of love people, Piaget draw the inspiration from the two landmarks: the Eiffel Tower and the Ferris wheel that place at de la Concorde, and showing the magical beauty of Paris .

18 white gold necklace, set with 632 round diamonds (weighing approximately 25.08 karats) and 43 pear cut diamonds (weighing 7.8 karats)

Eiffel Tower, the slender dazzling historic monuments in Paris, since 1889 it is a symbol and representative of the city's,and it has also become inspiration source of Piaget diamond watches and jewelry. Paris Eiffel Tower necklace in the chest of beautiful women, graceful like the world's most beautiful lines of tower, gorgeous architectural lines is also reflected in the diamond-encrusted bracelet watch design.

The diamond is stay in the rotation wheel, as the shiny little car in the famous Paris Ferris wheel.

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