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Luxury Erickson Beamon Tassel Earrings

Some of the very interesting pieces from the Erickson Beamon Fine Jewelry line include items pieces that are in step with the season’s trend. The earrings can be worn as much as possible and from day to evening. The tassel earrings is just the one. It features pure and fresh with glittering and translucent color. It seems just like the spring’s pouring down, making us have strong intention to stretch hand to touch. The design of slender multi edges reflect the delusion. Do you like the creative and very personalized one?

Erickson Beamon tassel eardrop, pure and fresh and glittering and translucent color as the springs pour down, let a person want to stretch hand to touch. Actually eardrop body part only soft pink crystal beads, and below is opaque metal tassel is slender, the more the edges of a transparent reflects a delusion.

Erickson Beamon brand is one of lady Obama’s favorite jewelrys. It originately got the name from two woman designers: Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon. It always makes marvelous jewelries with the feeling of antique, dazzling various of celebrities and political matters. John Galliano the most influential fashion designer is one of addicts.

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