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Jewelry care and cleaning methods

Whether gold or precious stones jewelry,we have to be careful care and regular cleaning in order to retain its brilliant luster and intact.

1. When have sports or do heavy work, do not wear jewelry, and avoid impact or wear and tear.

2. Do not left variety of jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box, because the hardness is different for a variety of precious stones and gold, they will be wear and tear caused by friction with each other.

3. For often wear jewelry,it should be inspected once a month, which to see whether there is abrasion or loose embedded, and then remedy the repair.

4. Fragile gemstones such as emeralds is easily broken, it need to be particularly careful when wear.

5. Do not wear holes worn stones where in the kitchen or steam place, or precious stones absorb the steam and sweat will change color. Gold, silver and other jewelry, as long as stained with the secretion of oils and fats or sweat acid of the human body , which will lose its light, so often wear jewelry should cleaned once a week.

Jewelry cleaning solution :

Most jewelry cleaners contain Yamoniya, which cleaning precious stones, but also enable the metal with a bit brighter. Yamoniya is safe for most precious stones, but the pearl and pores of the stones (such as turquoise, flash mountain clouds) are an exception.

Branch water :

Mild soapy water and soft brush are the most simple and convenient cleaning method. It can also Rinse jewelery with water. After cleaning jewelry, it can be placed on the non-lint towel dry. The dental floss or a toothpick without wax can clear the dirt on stones between the claws care.

Special notes:

1. Do not use bleach. Chlorine bleach will pit marks appear in the alloy, decompose alloy, and even corrosion weld . As the chlorine in swimming pool water, it should not wear jewelry when go to the swimming pool .

2. Do not use abrasive-containing washing powder, detergents and toothpaste.

3. Do not put it in clean or boiled in sulfuric acid.

4. Ultrasonic clean the jewelry avoid to remove the danger of being washed away, which can be used for diamonds, but for some color gemstones would not be appropriate.

5. Do not use boiling water clean. Relatively stable physical properties of diamond can be clean by boiling water, but some gems (Such as emeralds, amethyst etc.) are very fragile and vulnerable to the impact of the drastic changes in temperature, it should try to avoid using Boiling water to clean.

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