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The uninhibited soul of Men bracelets

Actor model

The world's most individual character actor Johnny Depp, he can be regarded as loyal fans of bracelets, hippies, and the west, Funny ... you can see on his wrists with variety of strange and personality bracelet. A charming man, he must understand that in the appropriate forum to express themselves with the appropriate decorations. Stereotyped and uninteresting man, what woman would be love?

Johnny Depp like wearing leather bracelet varies in width, coupled with his enthusiasm for Western-style clothing plus hippie are full sense of chic more.

The most important thing for man bracelet is Texture

For many men, they have crystal or gemstone beaded bracelet , but unfortunately, this trend has been OUT. This year the most important points of the most popular man bracelet is the metallic finish. Dull polish, weaving patterns and other metal surface treatment, for itself appears to be more eye-catching point for bracelets.

Cartier classic love series, which is the good bracelet to express affection to lovers . It use of the cortex, increase leisure taste and masculinity.

This bracelet of Tiffany has an excellent sense of geometry,it have rich visual effects, at the same time, without appearing cumbersome.

Ancient Chinese men basically do not wear bracelets, but the other side of the earth ancient Egyptian men is clearly more love to dress themselves. Digging in ancient Egyptian burial sites has been shown that they had a long history of technology manufacturing jewelry and other luxury goods. Ancient Egyptian men in particular like to wear bracelets. According to records, because the scarcity of silver in ancient Egypt, so silver bracelet was even precious than gold bracelets, but also has more sense of identity - we do not know there are number of Egyptian women bowed to the men's silver bracelet below.

In India, the most superiority people were not those who say, "I'm from New Delhi or Mumbai", but those live in one of India's most affluent states - Punjab, Sikh, who was born here and where they are, they will say "I come from the Punjab" ... the very avant-garde Sikh men in India are no longer save up hair and beard, weap head cloth, but it has retained an important symbol for identification,which is to wear iron bracelets. As we can see, iron bracelets for the local men is more important.

Bracelet / Bottega Veneta

Bracelet / Dior

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