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Prada 2010 Valentine's Day Limited Accessories

After have been seen the Chanel elegant sweet Valentine's Day gift, and today we take a look at Prada's funny Valentine's Day gifts! Prada have no prepared for anything extravagant gift for lovers, but with a series of merry little gift for lovers smile and enjoy the sweet.

Prada 2010 limited edition Valentine's Day accessories, including wallets, key rings, bag accessories, jewelry and other products, in addition to the big red symbol of love, there are have light pink, black as a mix, so that the whole series is more lively and jumping.

Design elements are also quite rich, the traditional heart-shaped,Cupid's Arrow indispensable, as well as the unique Prada robot, alien elements. Small leather goods has fitted a secret pockets that put the love letter, it also can be hidden blessing in it. In the Valentine's Day, if the girls are receive such a gift,they will fill so happy and sweet. The robots and alien-shaped key chain is designed in pairs.

After February 15, Prada this series accessories of Valentine's Day may not be able to buy,because it is limited edition. If you like it, and hurry up.

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