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Oriental jewelry become world new trend

In recent years, there are more and more attention around the world gathered in the East, especially China, while the rich oriental complex jewelry design has driven the world new trend. In the past, there is few jade appear in the west High jewelry brand, and now it have get these brands more and more attention, while those with strong intention of the Orient image have become favorable design theme for a number of jewelry brands.

When the East, especially China, Japan become more attention by the world's jewelry market,the Oriental exoticism of jewelry design jewelry is becoming an important category, which are currently the most commonly Orientalism used in design elements jewelry ? According to the survey, the most popular Chinese elements for high-level jewelry brand is refined elements, such as the Chinese hieroglyphs and Chinese red lanterns, dragon and phoenix, lions and so on. The Maple, cherry blossoms, koi, geisha image is often regarded as Japanese-style jewelry elements.

For oriental-style jewelry, the overall design is for the Antique, bionic but without losing the natural casual style. Casting, inlay, sanding, folding, polishing and other human-machine hybrid technology, which is the process characteristics of oriental-style jewelry.Pearl is very oriental charm jewelry material, this surface of the ring, such as microwave ups and downs, feminine aesthetic.

Brooch / Dior

The beauty of ancient oriental style characters vivid,the beauty flowers and birds, butterflies and insects around her, so that we seem to hear of the fragrance of flowers and incense.

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Bracelet / Forevermark Prestige Series

It filled with rich and unique flavor oriental religions.

If you are familiar with Western and Asia culture of jewelry, you will find the Westerners like the diamond since ancient times, but little knowledge of jade, while in the East, jade has been a kind of spiritual quality and being integrated into the culture deeply, therefore, the East since ancient times there were a large number of jade jewelry products, while little diamonds. In recent years, the Jade jewelry has began to appear in Cartier, Chanel, Dior and many other foreign brands.

Rings / Dior

Earring / Dior

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