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Oscar the best partner Cartier

For Hollywood actress, the Oscar ceremony is not only an annual report card revealed, but also fighting dress, slim stature battlefield,if you carefully read the multi-Oscar will discover a rule, although the black models are not error-prone, gorgeous color dress could grab the limelight at the moment, but every year it seems to be the platinum department dresses + Cartier luxury fine jewelry is the Queen that unbeaten on the red carpet ceremony . To look at the Oscar red carpet this year and in the past the best shape. The beautiful actress as sculpture perfect clothes and jewelry has become the focus of the scene.

Cameron Diaz

Dress: de la Renta
Jewelry: Cartier
Jewelry total: 2.11 million

Cameron Diaz, the blue-eyed big beautiful women, glittering dress against her that do not see her 38-year-old "old age." Diaz as always wearing the Cartier brand jewelry, earrings inlaid diamond Trinity against smiles relieved, and instantly murder of countless films, fingers Panthere ring is demonstrate her inner wild side blunt.

White, yellow and rose gold and diamond pave Trinity circle hoop earrings
White gold and diamond Peau ring - PT RING SNAKE SKIN BRW JNQ DIA
White gold, princess and round cut diamond Couronne ring

Jennifer Lopez

Dress: Giorgio Armani
Jewelry: Cartier
Jewelry total price: about 1.5 million

Jennifer Lopez has Latin flavor beautiful facial features, style smile and the world's most expensive body. Jennifer Lopez in this same choice of the Cartier jewelry as expedition altar partner. Simple luxury platinum diamond-studded earrings,ring and bracelet are perfect combination with unique design dress skirt,highlight her increasingly mature sexy too.

Tradition platinum and diamond clip earrings, Cartier London 1934
Panthere Maillon XXL white gold and diamond ring
Platinum and diamond line bracelet

Recalling previous Oscar red carpet, we can always found traces of Cartier jewelry from the actress in the best dress.

Anne Hathaway 2009

Anne Hathaway 2008

Dress: Valentino
Jewelry: Cartier

As the limelight of one of female star in 2009, , Anne Hathaway although have not to take to home the Oscar prize, but she was definitely won the highest level of attention, who was named "Best dress, "da self-cultivation white gold dress would be perfect show the stature of beautiful Annie, Cartier platinum diamond bracelet in the wrist have perfect fit for the princess temperament of her.

Rachel weisz

Dress: Vera Wang
Jewelry: Cartier

High IQ beauty Rachel Weisz was also choose platinum color dress that make herself conspicuous but not jump out in the Oscar-important occasions, which is emit low-key luxury, this rare diamond necklace is also from Cartier , "Jewelers of King" total let a woman keep wild.

Renee Zellweger

Dress: Carolina Herrera
Jewelry: Cartier

Renee Zellweger is not much beautiful, but its excellent acting, warm temperament and rich image of affinity won countless fans for her. Three diamond white gold Cartier bracelet on the right wrist is also exposure her valuable status.

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