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Colombian emerald: the best light gem

Emerald, the name originated in ancient Persian "Zumurud", originally "green stone", it was the ancient Greeks referred as "light gem" and later evolved into the Latin "Smaragdus". In 16th century, the English name she had today: "Emerald".

For centuries, Colombia has been the world's largest supplier of high-quality emeralds, tens of millions of dollars emerald each year to be shipped to countries, almost virtual monopoly on the international market, it is producing high-quality emeralds about 80% of global production. According to incomplete statistics, in 2008, Colombia's emerald exports up to 100 million 40 million U.S. dollars.

Today, Colombia has become an emerald synonymous with high-quality emeralds, Colombian emeralds registration criterion is universal worldwide standard. An emerald's origin who are determined to Colombia, then, its price tends to 3-4 percent higher than the average emerald. When more and more high-quality emeralds produced not from Colombia are collectively referred to as the Colombian emeralds, this nickname has become a subtext of a lot of money value.

In the morning, the Colombian capital Bogota city's Avenida Jimenez Tate's Emerald Avenue, as usual, bustling, busy, skin colors of people, speaking in different language that is quite in the street in and out of Spanish-style buildings, or sightseeing, or bargaining.

When the clock points to 10 o'clock, the trading will began on time!

This seemingly ordinary street each year up to 10 billion dollars with green gems and jewelry transactions; also in this street, gathered hundreds of jewelers and hands large and small workshops , brought together to create the world's best emerald jewelry craftsmen. Perhaps, and only come here you can experience the magic of emerald!

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