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Cartier Secrets et Merveilles Landed Hong Kong In May

The jewelry brand Cartier annual climax - High Jewelry series grand meeting had started, this year the brand divides HJ into four queens subject specially, implication each position wears Cartier jewelry's woman that was honored queen,and was motherly model of the nation!

Cartier Secrets et Merveilles High jewelry series, represents mystical and magnificent. In order to untie woman's sky, the brand divides HJ into four queens subject specially, respectively be peacock queen, pearl queen, spirit snake queen and diamond queen.

Cartier HJ series

Peacock queen explains for the magnificent dream soaring, we must know that the peacock is king of birds in the Cartier animal kingdom, similarly it is symbolizing eternal and the multiplication; Jewelry master comes alive using peacock's lofty honored god marrow in the technique lifelike on the treasure; The yellow, orange, green and the blue color gem, scatter on the careful brooch, the finger ring and the bangle, and like opens colorful peacock wings.

For pearl queen is represent the beauty chase the rainbow, as if custom-made for the gentle female; Tassels pearl necklace, just likes jumping lightly the waltz dance, in the orange topaz and the brown diamond match lining, it has added a corona for these pearls, but also has the waterdrop shape cutting diamond and so on pendents!

Cartier HJ series

As for spirit snake queen, which is representative the sending orders person to resist mystical and the sexy female; No matter the snake-shaped necklace, or the delicate arms' spirit snake jewelry, which are displays feminine enchanting divine and wonderful spirit incisively; The brand using the technique of perfect, outlines the charm which spirit snake migration, holds up the head and winds around, and present the touch of the spirit snake by the platinum gold, the smaragdi and diamond etc.

Final diamond queen, it is focal point of eternal and the radiant, brand have selects each kind of creation material quality from the different collection gemstones, with the extremely perfect proportion and the symmetrical design, which is linked together queen's jewelry and flesh's royal crown, eulogizes the feminine loftiest noble style!

Cartier HJ series

The Cartier brand-new high jewelry series exhibition tour just held in China and Macao finished, it had started in May to landed Hong Kong before 15th, this charming HJ collection is over RMB 800,000,000 !

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