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Tiffany 2010-2011 Blue Book Jewelry Series

For display the top jewelry brand's outstanding tradition and domain authoritative status in the diamond design, Tiffany new 2010-2011 year Blue Book magnificent jewelry series will sparkle in October, 2010 presents in China. This series's handicraft design has reappeared the natural miracle, also it is jewelry's art treasure. They are magnificent present from the reputation Tiffany classical blue gift box (Tiffany Blue Box), all the world is overwhelmed with admiration for this series.

Tiffany designers have fixed the beautiful and frame gracefully in the circular, the pillow shape and the olive shape diamond necklace. This necklace's center is 20.01 carats, the D color, neatness IF (interior does not have impurity) diamond. The top cutting technology has accomplished unequalled brilliance and the charm.

Blue Book jewelry series, this section is made by 20.34 carat colorful yellow diamond pendent, 37 Tiffany Legacy diamond and 674 circles diamond composed,yellow diamond pendent has the extremely high degree of saturation, the chromatic dispersion luminosity and brightness, which is the another adores work for Tiffany skilled craftsman.

It is containing the precious colored gem in the nature,and waiting for the humanity excavates, it is includes the sapphire which the Kashmir area produces. Since the 19th century later period by discovered, it has been the treasure which jewelry business long dreams for. Tiffany is use 1097 radiant diamonds to made the necklace, serves as a contrast for 28.01 carat entire natural precious Kashmir sapphire, magnificent eye-catching, matchless.

Since 1837 established, Tiffany is famous by the product the finest diamond in the world. Not only the Blue Book series' style design is numerous, moreover each work is receiving the remarkable tradition which the world top jewelry brand is in sole possession. To pursue exquisite craft diligent have achievement the Tiffany legend.


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