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Necklace Pendants

Pendants are a very traditional form of jewelry. This elegant style of jewelry is worn round the neck and is suitable for all special occasions.

A high class pendant created from gold and set with precious diamonds or perhaps something with timeless style, there is bound to be a type of pendant to suit! Abalone makes an attractive pendant. This looks wonderful when matched with other natural jewelry such as the gemstone beads as this picture shows.

Here comes the next one. With navy green beadings, it is a lovely choice for someone who seeks for a different bold pendant.

The following one looks a bit like the coins or the prize for the sports games,etc. A gemstone has been set into the top of the pendant for extra style.

This one is a delicate gold necklace with a gold floral pendant below. This makes for a never outdated style and luxurious feel will takes on when worn on your neck.

This stunning featured pendant is hand formed glass beads. With a mix of colors and types of glass create a highly unique pendant.

This His and Her pendants are designed for couples to show their love for each other.

With a cross as the pendant, this makes a bold statement and matches well with your casual or formal style.

The final one is a unique pedant with a mix of styling and unusual materials. It’s really a stunning unique gemstone necklace.

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