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Discovering the beauty of OVERSIZE jewelry: rings, earings articles

Spring is no longer small size jewelry world, OVERSIZE bracelets, necklaces, rings become very popular! The so-called OVERSIZE, is "more than normal size," wearing this season, in OVERSIZE wave of women's fashion large accessories is dominated by a pioneer. Everywhere we can be seen on the street wearing wide leg pants, or a large T-shirt, leaving for a giant bag strode walked the "big woman." It is not difficult to find enough in their bodies there are 10 cm wide bracelets or cover the length of half a finger ring exaggeration, and even some length to the lower abdomen of the long necklace, which is sufficient to prove the "big one" popular accessories. It is those "big" design deeply impressed and had to dump its purse strings to lose a few pieces of home, use it to pick bright body, wins everyone eye.

Large Accessories Large Aspect

Great season of accessories at the most unique charm lies in the fact, whether tall or petite, thin or plump, they can be able to find suitable OVERSIZE, take a look at 2008 spring and summer T stage scenery, find what you want to find the best distribution of that with you.

Fingertips: The individual is greater than commitment

Large ring is most likely to be as "take-ism" accessories, no need many skills, as long as you like to be able to have.

Gianni Versace: color match for the large gemstone rings is also very important, clothes, the color should be echoed with the ring

Focus on ears

Whether the full sense of the simple lines earrings, or retro style luxury ear pan, as long as it is large enough and long enough, they will let you escape out of the season.

John Galliano: the neck wrap filled with chiffon, but still with a long triangular earrings, and the idea is worth to have a try for occasionally break the convention.

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