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Harry Winston launched New York new series jewelry

Skyscraper Sapphire diamond ring

Skyscraper diamond cufflinks pearl shell

New York Collection is a new series that tribute to this bustling city of New York story, a unique image, vitality and characteristics of Harry Winston that show unique interpretation, dealing with this moving story. Whether the extremely rare Lotus corundum (padparadscha) are depicted in a romantic Sunset series; to the diamond outline Guggenheim Museum spiral series of stunning architecture outline; or the never-ending series will be the Nightlife bright light; with painted sapphire blue rivers Rivers series, but also to show, or emerald grass of Central Park Central Park Series, New York Collection will be a new series apply of rare and precious stones with color, bring creativity into the city colorful Wonderland.

Sunset extremely dilute Lotus corundum diamond necklace

Sunset Series color violet corundum diamond ring

Reflection series diamond necklace

Reflection series diamond watch

Central Park Series emerald diamond bracelet

Central ParkSeries emerald diamond ring

River series sapphire ring

Bridge series sapphire ring


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