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The Legend of gold jewelry

Gold is the glory of the sun; gold jewelry, Gold jewelry, it is the glorious warmth mapped in the hearts of women. It no longer a synonym for vulgar in the minds, also it is no longer the exclusive jewelry of noble lady.

Gold is precious metals of the earliest human use. In the world of complex metal, it is not the most rare, also it is not the most widely used, refining the difficulty is not the biggest, but because it is irreplaceable currency in circulation, so it is the most precious metal that people are welcome. We use it, and infatuated with it. For jewelry designer, the gold is most easy-to-shape, so the gold jewelry destined to be everyone concerned things.

Gold is a symbol of wealth. Now the passage of time, gold also stands in the forefront of its eternal value, representing the fashion trend, we have to admire its potential, but also have to believe that the gold will be brought back a beautiful golden light of heart.

Bvlgari gold numismatics long necklace

Bvlgari Jewelry Collection of antique gold necklace y numismatica long paragraph, mosaic 7 Alexander III period (about BC 336 BC -323 years) numismatica, which has enough to prove its worth value.

Bvlgari B.zero1 design idea meaning "beginning" and "end" the two extremes, but also expressed "the past" and "now" ultra-realism complex meaning.Although these gold jewelry is not the best luxury, but you can enjoy the golden sun bathing and baptism, and people are full of sunshine, sunflower reverie.

Cartier 18K gold decorated black lacquer ring

Gold, the interpretation of the charm. Black, interpretation of the mystery. Gold and black mix of elegant style, tend to exotic mystery, beautifully designed exaggerated, full of neutral temperament, luxurious but introverted, mysterious and warm.

Tiffany Elsa Peretti Feather Necklace

Tiffany Elsa Peretti series of gold scorpion necklace, snake necklace, and feather-shaped necklace with 18K gold sculpted, designer miraculous objects of nature, in the collar across, Smart winds through charming flirtatious. In the quiet of surging passion and found that the beauty is so timeless casual, like a ray of sunshine that has been deeply immersed in their hearts.

Van Cleef & Arpels Papillon Butterfly Series

If I was become a golden butterfly, and i will dance on the highest branches, quietly accompany your left and right, only the gold jewelry is a call for me. Like the South of France Azur e numerous shuttle flying butterflies, Van Cleef & Arpels Papillon is a decorating best choice for women, interpretation of a pleasant temperament. K gold material butterflies dance with the wearer who trippingly wings, it is show the characteristics of women like fantasy exhaustive.

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